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Container House

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Product Details

What is container house ? 

Container house also could be called mobile container house. It was mainly made by used old container or new container’s structure as basic material, after transformation, it will become a box-type house with window and door. Because of sturdy and durable, easy construction, the container house is applied for temporary building houses, such as construction site dormitory, hospital, temporary school and so on. It also can be used for creating home and rental home. There are many container houses used as single apartment in London; people used 40 foot container house to make “Combined household unit” in New York; people use container house to make students’ dormitory in Netherlands. So container house also is called living container. 

The characteristics of container house :

1. It is custom-made, heat insulation, seal and voice insulation. It is more comfortable than common temporary house

2. Fire-proof performance is excellent. All the components are fire-proof materials that can make sure the fire safety.

3. High integration, it do not need foundation at site and second decoration. You can live in as soon as lifting and dropping.

4. Because of modularity combination, it can be combined at will according customer requests in three-dimensional space.(under the three floor ,include third floor)

5. The inner space could be infinite expanded. According to customers’ request, it can form a big inner space through uniting several containers together.

6. It is convenient for dismounting . it could be used by many times. The life span is more then 15years.

The functions of mobile container house :

1. For high requirements in construction site, it can be used as office, living apartment, meeting room and so on.

2. The container house can be used as field working house, such as field exploration, mobile construction office,workers’ apartment and so on.

3. The container can be used as urgency house, such as military mobile command center ,emergency mobile command center, disaster relief center and so on.

4. The container house can be used as middle to high class temporary office, apartment, the whole kitchen ,bathroom and so on.

Container House Advantages:

1. Mobile advantage: movable, reuse.

2. Assemble fast: short period, without foundation.

3. Security: steel rib structure, wind resistant, anti-seismic.

4. Durability: outside of sheet plate is corrosion resistance, acid resistance, no rust, no chap, lifespan is more than 20 years.

5. Sound and heat insulation: the design uses empty broken heat, the effect is pretty good.

6. Appearance: Professional design, any RAL color you like.

7. Low cost: low cost, good quality.

8. Weight capacity: Three containers can be stacked up.

Container house classification (according to structure)

1. Transformed by traditional container house. Its weight capacity is strong. This container can bear heavy pressure.

2. Whole new welding box-type mobile house. This kind of container house is fashionable to live people during these years. we also call it as container mobile house due to welding box-type mobile house’s technology is similar to first one. And this container house’s standard is lower than the traditional one. The characteristics are convenient transportation, install, moving and low cost, more than 20 years lifespan, and wide functions.

3. Removable box-type mobile container house. This kind of container is between the mobile house and container house. It’s mainly used modular producing technology. The container is composed with lots of standard components, we assemble them together when we need them. Thus, container could be installed in a short time, so it can save transportation cost.


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